"The Cattlerails with Attitude"

"Die Bakkietralies met Houding"


Vertical or slanted (with cabin), with or without side-gates, fitted to any Bakkie (long-base, short-base, Dubblecab, and super-cab) is available and can be built on request.

Self-designed with nylon lined hinges, unique in South Africa to eliminate rattling noise.

The rear-gates, as well as the side-gates, are designed to fold between the side rails. These gates can be opened and stored between the side rails without the need to remove the whole frame. This means the gates are always available when needed. 

The side-gates are used for easy loading of smaller items without the need to get onto the back of the bakkie. It can also be used for access to a camping fridge or as a ladder when fitted with a hunting frame.

Any Contours frame can be transformed into a hunting frame with a unique design of variable seats, and shooting frame that gets fitted with clamps to the mainframe.

With a removable pipe over the back gate of the frame, noise and vibrations are reduced. And no case of a bakkie that has been damaged due to a Contours Frame has been reported in the last 4 years we have manufactured these frames.